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Smart charging

Start, track and end charging sessions remotely.

Digital charging

No complications. Use virtual cards to charge your electric vehicle.

Real-time data

Know the occupancy status of the stations connected to the public charging network.


Control your expenses and track the energy consumed, average price and more!

The first app to simulate the cost of charging depending on your vehicle!

Cable unlocking

Unlock the cable, if necessary, through the app.

Cable unlocked!

The post responded that the cable was successfully unlocked!

Try gently removing the cable.

Don't forget to rate your charge.

miio Smart charging

Choose the maximum value you want to charge and miio to charge it for you!

Final price simulation

We calculate the final price of the charge for the selected vehicle, taking into account the charging curve of the same, the time and the energy needed.

Know in advance if a post is functional!

Receive alerts when a post has problems with charging via app or via card and be prepared.

Be alerted if the post has problems with charging via app

miio Score

It is a system for evaluating charging stations that takes into account several parameters and generates a classification that can range from 1 to 10.

Miio helps you save!

We alert you to a charging speed below the ideal

In Portugal, most charging stations have operating tariffs in € / min.

If you are charging at a low speed compared to the maximum power of the charging station, you are making your charging more expensive.

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125000 charging stations available in Portugal, Spain and France!