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How it works?




00:44 - 00:44

10% - 15%

3.75 kWh

0.18 €/kWh

Invoice nº XXX

Polestar 2


0.18 €/kWh

Bi-hourly daily


Consult all the charging sessions in real time.

End a session remotely, if necessary.

Access all the details related to the charging sessions in one place!


miio Fleets allows you to create multiple wallets to have a more efficient management.

Each wallet has a payment method (pre or post-payment), billing data and distinct payment methods.


Add or remove drivers from your fleet.

The invitation can be sent through miio, by phone number, or you can share a hyperlink.

Each invitation is associated with the selected card.

Organized billing

Consult all the billing of your fleet in one place!

Export the invoices in PDF or Excel format.

Card management

Assign a vehicle and a driver to each card.

Add balance / ceiling to each card and set whether you want to activate automatic charging.

Check the information of the physical card (or request a new card).

Card request

Purchase the cards (physical and / or virtual) you need for your fleet.

Customize the cards with name and image.

Detailed consumption

Follow the consumption of all the drivers of your fleet.

Access multiple metrics such as the amount spent, average price, energy charged (kWh) and charging sessions, of your fleet and of your cobalorators individually.

Maximum flexibility!

Payment methods

From Credit Card, MB WAY, Multibanco and Direct Debit.

Payment modalities

Pre or post-payment. Choose what best suits your company.

Up to 5 wallets

Keep the management of your company in a more organized way.

Add guests

Invite people to help manage and account for your fleet.

With you everywhere

Follow the current status and activity of employees, cards and vehicles.

Simple charging

Monitor and end loading sessions remotely.

Do more with less

Reduce costs and make your accounting more efficient.

Total control

Set consumption limits and keep your budget under control.

Everything in one place!

Miio Fleets Platform

Keep track of your entire fleet of electric vehicles. Manage vehicles, cards and employees in one place!

Miio Fleets App

Perform basic tasks such as acquiring cards and managing vehicles directly from the miio app.

Simple and quick access from anywhere.

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